The National Consultation Platform for Standardisation of Product Data Models was launched

The National Consultation Platform for Standardisation of Product Data Models was launched

Within the scope of Activity 5 of PPS1, “idBIM4.0 – National library of BIM objects“, a consultation platform for the AEC sector was recently launched to collect direct input from various stakeholders to formulate/validate PDT’s (Product Data Templates).

A team led by the University of Minho, together with the Technical Committee CT197 – BIM and the SECCLASS project, is working towards the creation of PDT’s at a national level and describing them in detail. To this end, they are considering multiple data resources, such as IFC interoperability requirements, the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and other standardisation initiatives. These efforts now involve direct consultation with various stakeholders in the value chain, to ensure that the PDT’s created gather widespread consensus in the AEC sector.

Each player involved in the AEC sector can contribute to the specification of the properties of construction products on the online platform available at

This initiative is based on the fact that standardisation is one of the pillars of BIM implementation processes and is a key to improving collaboration between industry players. One of the main challenges in the process of data standardisation for construction products is the definition of relevant “non-graphical” information and its nomenclature.

Find out more about the platform by reading the article presented at the ptBIM Congress, available here.

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