The Project.

The Mobilising Project “Digital Construction Revolution – REV@CONSTRUCTION” aims to achieve the Digital Transformation of companies in the AEC sector, in order to promote their competitiveness and sustainable growth, as well as a strategic alignment with the sector at European level

The digital transformation of the construction industry is increasingly necessary to meet the challenges of competitiveness and productivity at international level. Currently, the AEC sector is highly segmented and has gaps in technological development that hinder its efficiency in relation to European markets.

Therefore, REV@CONSTRUCTION has defined objectives centred on the concern for increasing productivity, competitiveness and sustainable growth, from the design and construction phases to the exploitation phase. Therefore it will create the basis for a set of future innovations, attract new companies to the sector and bring about the emergence of new business models.


Rev@Construction proposes a transversal approach to the sector’s value chain sustained on fundamental pillars of Research and Development:

The final purpose of the R&D is the development of several digital tools connected to fundamental aspects of the sector, from the design phase, using BIM methodologies, through the process of manufacturing and placing concrete and bituminous mixtures that constitute the pavements, to the operation phase of the assets, supporting life cycle analyses of pavements and other civil engineering projects. These tools are intended to facilitate the introduction of the Digital Twin concept in the construction industry, using research in cutting-edge digital areas such as Augmented Reality, Sensorization, Big Data, or IoT.

For this transformation to be sustained, an entire cross-industry structure will be developed, which will deal with developing, digitalising and integrating the necessary industry bases, such as BIM object libraries, cost databases, and the platform itself that will support the tools developed within REV@CONSTRUCTION.

This structure is intended to enhance the mobilization of the AEC sector, as well as of technological SMEs, for this Digital Revolution in a systematized way and based on the interoperability of the products resulting from REV@CONSTRUCTION.


This Project is organised into 5 PPS:

Promoted by BUILT CoLAB, REV@CONSTRUCTION has a strong connection with the R&D reference entities in Portugal, and several industry representatives, such as large national companies and the most innovative SMEs in the AEC sector and in the technological area.

The consortium is certain that this integrating, transversal and structuring initiative will have the essential mobilising effect for one of the areas with the greatest impact on the national economy – promoting the Digital Revolution in the AEC sector.

Leading Entity.

The Teixeira Duarte is the leading entity of the REV@CONSTRUCTION project and one of its co-promoters.

Teixeira Duarte is committed to digital transformation in the construction area, as a way to promote competitiveness, sustainable growth and strategic alignment with the best in Europe. Therefore, it intends this mobilizing project to have a knock-on effect on the value chain and promote the “democratization” of access to digital methodologies for all.


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