Meet the Co-promoters of the Project: Teixeira Duarte

Meet the Co-promoters of the Project: Teixeira Duarte

Teixeira Duarte is the leading entity of the REV@CONSTRUCTION project and one of its co-promoters.

Teixeira Duarte aims to promote competitiveness, sustainable growth, and strategic alignment with the best in Europe by focusing on digital transformation in the construction sector.

Therefore, Teixeira Duarte is the consortium leader of this project, which includes MOTA-ENGIL and CASAIS, two construction companies, as well as other project companies, ENESII and 20 public entities, that will cooperate to promote the digital transformation of the AEC sector.

The aim of the project is to have a knock-on effect on the value chain and to promote the “democratisation” of the access to digital methodologies for all, which hasn’t been done before in the construction sector in Portugal.

Regarding the work to be developed, by being involved in the RCM4Assets project, Teixeira Duarte expects to contribute to the development of an innovative computer application concerning decision support and management of the operation and maintenance of physical assets. The aim is to integrate, in real time, data from measurable variables from monitoring systems and information collected manually by field technicians in their Work Orders.

Furthermore, they will be involved in one of the Living Labs of PPS4, in one of the demonstrative aspects of the work developed in REV@CONSTRUCTION.

Find out more about Teixeira Duarte in their website

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