Rev@Construction Mobilising Project is already underway

Rev@Construction Mobilising Project is already underway

The Consortium Agreement and the Term of Acceptance were signed today, 26th February, marking the start of the Digital Construction Revolution Mobilising Project – Rev@Construction, which aims to implement a digital revolution in the AEC sector.

The digitalisation of the AEC sector is increasingly necessary to meet the challenges of competitiveness and productivity at an international level. Therefore, Rev@Construction focuses its efforts on the Digital Transition with the aim to promote increased productivity, competitiveness and sustainable growth of the sector, from design to construction and asset management, and thus lay the foundations for innovation, attract new technology companies and bring out new business models.

To this end, the project main goals are to find and provide digital solutions to companies in the AEC sector, involving architects and designers, as well as construction companies and enterprise management. Its R&D activities are directed towards the development of digital tools linked to fundamental aspects of the sector, but also to develop and provide the methodological bases for standardization, organization and management of the information necessary for the implementation of BIM methodology and Digital Twin in Portugal, applied to construction management and asset management of buildings and infrastructures.

Within this scope, the focus is on the definition of standardisation bases transversal to the sector, such as the establishment of construction technical information, information models and libraries of BIM objects and of a national cost database. Therefore, the aim is to eliminate the existing barrier between methodology and modelling tools and the production of standardised specifications, thus leading to an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of construction processes and a reduction in “public context costs”, by standardising practices and procedures throughout the various stages of the construction process.

Through these integrating, transversal and structuring initiatives, the set of 22 entities involved in this project, from companies, such as BUILT CoLAB, to universities or research institutes of reference in Portugal, want to mobilize the AEC sector for the Digital Revolution!

This project has an investment of 8.2 M€ and is funded by Portugal 2020.

In the picture that accompanies this news we can see the representatives of BUILT CoLAB, OUZO, INESC TEC, BIMMS, Cluster Mineral Resources, who came personally to the INESC TEC facilities, to formalize the signing of the necessary documents. Due to the pandemic that we are facing, this formalisation was divided in several moments, in Porto and Lisbon, to minimise personal contacts.

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