3rd Infographic

3rd Infographic

Focused on the creation of the platform as a data repository for the Design and Construction phases – the DataDelivery4Construction, as well as the development of DigitalTwin4Construction and the development of the APP’s for process digitisation: Paving 4.0 and Concreting 4.0.

Check out our 3rd Infographic and learn more about PPS2 and its main activities!

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4th Infographic

PPS3, Digital Twin for Operation and Maintenance, focuses on the Asset Management area, with the necessary extensions being made to the data unifying platform that will give origin to DataDelivery4Assets and the Digital Twin application, giving origin to the DigitalTwin4Assets application.

Check out our 4th Infographic and learn more about PPS3 and its main activities!

5th Infographic

PPS4, Living Lab Paving and BIM Demostrator for Civil Works, is dedicated to the integration of the solutions developed in the previous PPS, providing integrator platforms and building full scale demonstrators of the interoperability of the different APP’s through the realization of a Living Lab of PAV 4.0 paving and also a demonstrator of the BIM4Bridges application.

Check out our 5th Infographic and learn more about PPS4 and its main activities!

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