Validation of the PAV 4.0 LC APP in a Living Lab

Validation of the PAV 4.0 LC APP in a Living Lab

Within the scope of Activity 23, Validation of the PAV 4.0 LC APP in a Living Lab, the installation work of the monitoring system on a real pavement took place on the 21st of March 2023.

The initiative included the participation of several partners of the REV@CONSTRUCTION project, namely the University of Minho, Mota-Engil, Infraestruturas de Portugal, LNEC and Built CoLAB, as well as the collaboration of other entities related to Mota-Engil, such as Concessionária Douro Interior and ATIV, and the supplier of the fibre optic sensors, HBK Fibersensing.~The system was installed on a section of the IC5, near the Lodões junction, and the installation of the sensors was successfully concluded. The next step is to connect the sensors to a server, which will allow data to be obtained about the response of the pavement when subjected to external stresses, namely those imposed by the vehicles circulating on that road and those resulting from variations in pavement temperature.

The monitoring system developed in this activity will provide real-time information on traffic and temperature demands, information that will serve as a basis for evaluating the behaviour of the pavement throughout its life cycle. With the data collected, it will be possible to refine the pavement behaviour models and, in this way, contribute to an improvement of the management procedures of this type of infrastructure.

Check out, below, some of the main moments of this activity:

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