Programme | Demonstrator Workshops | Lisbon

Programme | Demonstrator Workshops | Lisbon

Today we present the programme for the 2nd day of workshops of the REV@CONSTRUCTION Project! Join us next Thursday, 25th May, in Lisbon!

🔸 Venue: Ordem dos Engenheiros – Região Sul

🔸 Time: 09h30 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 16h00

WORKSHOP #1: Digital Twin for the AEC sector – 09h30 – 12h30

WORKSHOP #2: BIM4Bridges – 14h00 – 16h00

The second day of workshops integrated into the series of workshops dedicated to the demonstration of innovations of the REV@CONSTRUCTION project will be next Thursday, May 25, in Lisbon, at Ordem dos Engenheiros! Focused on the innovations made by PPS2, PPS3 and PPS4, these workshops will focus on the main technological innovations of the REV@CONSTRUCTION project, stimulating knowledge sharing between entities of the sector! You will also be able to watch demonstrations of the platforms created and ask your questions. Join us between the 24th and 25th of May!

Register here.

Check the programmes below:

Programme Workshop Digital Twin for the AEC sector ▪ 09h30 – Welcoming | João Poças Martins – BUILT CoLAB ▪ PPS2 Introduction | João Vaz da Silva – 3Maps ▪ Digital Twin and Data Platforms – Project and Construction | João Vaz da Silva – 3Maps ▪ PointCloud4BIM | Nuno Abreu – INESCTEC ▪ BET 4.0 | Luís Guardão – INESCTEC ▪ PAV 4.0 | João Moutinho – BUILT CoLAB (Sensorization and data management); Luís Guardão – INESCTEC (Presentation and demonstration of the web application) ▪ PPS3 Introduction | João Vaz da Silva – 3Maps ▪ Digital Twin and Data Platforms – Operation and Maintenance | João Vaz da Silva – 3Maps ▪ RCM4ASSETS | Noel Leitão + Manuel Ferreira – TDGI ▪ PAV4.0 LC APP development| Joel Oliveira – UMinho; Vânia Marecos – LNEC ▪ Q&A
Programme Workshop BIM4Bridges ▪ 14h00 – Welcoming | João Poças Martins – BUILT CoLAB ▪ BIM4Bridges Demonstrator Planning Background | BUILT CoLAB Francisco Reis – BIMMS ▪ PointCloud survey | Teixeira Duarte ▪ BIM Modelling + PointCloud4BIM | Francisco Reis – BIMMS Nuno Abreu – INESCTEC ▪ Digital Quality Comparison | Francisco Reis – BIMMS Renato Bastos – AdF ▪Sensorization + RCM4Assets NewMensus + Noel Leitão – TDGI ▪ Q&A

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