PAV 4.0 real environment demonstration

PAV 4.0 real environment demonstration

The PPS4 of the Mobilizer Project, entitled Living Lab Paving and BIM Demonstrator for Works of Art, has been working on verifying the importance of PAV 4.0 for paving. Thus, in its latest activities, it has sought to test processes and tools for monitoring multiple variables.

The experience was also crucial to validate:

  • Infrared temperature sensor with precise geolocation;
  • Meteorological station with environmental sensors and monitoring of several variables.

All the validated solutions were BUILT CoLAB in-house developments for this purpose and were shown to work in a real and relevant context when subjected to the capture and transmission tests. Although these mechanisms in the future may require calibration, at this moment the values obtained were credible and the experiments made really showed their potential to be products actually in operation in the future.

In the future, PPS4 will carry out the planned demonstrative actions in order to demonstrate the validity of the solutions developed.

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